who is me


okay, this is me. it’s the best photo

i can find, taken a little over a year ago.


so, i google this:

how to write a kick ass-bio for your blog

‘about 412,000 results’.


then i google this:

how to write a super bio for your blog gave

1,810,000 results with varied titles, such as, i quote:


  • how to write a bio that doesn’t suck
  • how to write a professional social media bio
  • a good (funny,short) bio in under 10 minutes 

with more posts advising on turbo-charging a bio, magnetizing a bio, grabbing an audience bio, compelling bio……….and so on and so forth


and i think - oh piss on this for a load of cack (aka shit) and hyperbole.


what is this? a competition?

competition is why i removed myself from the corporate world thirty years ago - yes 30. 


i am anglo indian, born and raised in india. and after 50 years in canada, i’m also, culturally, a canadian.


work i have done - alphabetical listing:


agitator - political and social


avon sales - two months

bon vivant

caretaker for 4 siblings when mother died

clerical government worker

early childhood educator - group daycare

e.c.e. - my own business

fuller brush - one month

holiday magic cosmetic sales  

house cleaner - my own business

insurance sales - 3 months

legal secretary

magazine sales - 1/2 day

market surveillance 

office manager - money market


perpetual student

personal assistant

political agitator

restaurant host

secretary - money market


textile arts & crafts - my own business




and probably other things i do not recall