socializing karenza - how old is old - no. 2

my last post on being old and alive was bemoaning my lack of interaction with other humans. something that happens on occasion; i am an introverted near hermit. do not have friendship making skills.


i have friends who accept me for myself. vicki mccullough, rosemary fisher-laing, colleen gorrie. and i am thankful for them. it is important to keep these women close to my heart. 


can't actually do anything with facebook friends; precious as they are, a virtual hug is virtual. 


i want to spread my social wings and mix with people pursuing common interests.


in india as a member of  an extended family, and close knit community. friendships happened organically.   


stephen fry, i

think, said north american comedy was different from english comedy.  n.a’s believe that everything can be solved in a self-help-manual way. while the english realize life fucks us at every chance. so they laugh at themselves.


my approach to life’s vicissitudes is a combination. i know i'm likely fucked, but i'm going to try anway.


hours of research. wading through programs guides, find that britannia, and west end/barclay manor offer a mix of physical, social, intellectual activities. hm interesting.  


brit has gentle yoga, elders circle, elders arts & health, and foot care. i mark these red - desirable. also a knitting club, book club, potluck lunch, and movie evening for possible later exploration. 



meanwhile it is frigging icy outside; every thing that involves the outside, is on hold. the fear of slipping on the ice is real. until a thaw i’m not going nowhere.


mebbe somebody will join me. email me, or message on facebook.





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britannia center, 55: program guide