is housework natural



who likes housework?


i fucking hate housework. all that cooking and cleaning, and washing and drying, and cutting and joining, polishing and scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming, sweeping and dusting and on, and on, and on. it's never done.




as soon as you finish cleaning the toilet, for example, some bugger comes along, stands and sprays piss all over the bloody utensil, and there we go. it needs cleaning. why can't they sit? at least women sit. 


everything to do with house and home is laborious drudgery. i hate it.


why did we have to become different from all other animals?


we are the only frigging creature alive on this bloody planet that requires all this goddamn maintenance work.


we should have stayed in the trees with the other chimps. they seem to be having a marvelous time - and here we are stuck in our fucking superiority.




ha ha