how old is old - no.1

so here i am, in the carnegie reading room of the vancouver public library. on this the 30th day of december 2016   
having had a light dinner of vegetable risotto and split pea soup with green side salad, coffee for $2.85. one of the perks of living in the poorest postal district in canada. 

it is the anniversary of my birth, and if it wasn't for the good wishes on facebook it would be like any other day.

don't get me wrong. it is lovely to be the focus of all these good wishes from friends, old and new. but, on the other hand, it brought attention to my rather solitary life. 

it may be choice, but sometimes the bare bones of it, brought to my attention creates a dissonance. it unsettles me to realise how little actual human contact i have.


i find myself thinking.....should i get a puppy? maybe a companion in the kind of romantic way? wouldn't a puppy be easier? on the other hand, men do not require walking or the use of plastic poop bags. but men inevitably want to 'live together' and this is where my tolerance level just plummets. down down down down. puppies take up less space.


this happens every little while. the internal discussion. 


then i think, mabe just go out more and make friends. the path of least resistance.trot down to carnegie center hav e acoffee, a meal and bullshit with the locals. 


fraternizing with the local yokels is the easiest. they are present and do not require much energy. but eventually, they will grate my nerves, i will be cantankerous, they will rebel, i will remove myself from the circle.


i had decided to write this blog at carnegie, go home, exercise, play on facebook, do a jigsaw puzzle, read, sleep. 


human and puppy would get in the way of this exciting scenario.

can't believe i actually said this. and even mean it. 


have to do something about the situation.


suggestions anyone.