curtis aucoin - first guest

Ten Reasons I Want To Make The Things Many Things I Make 


It would have been nice to think solely about why I do the things I do but I'm stuck on twelve. Why twelve and not twenty-six maybe because I'm lazier than I think. 


1) There's a suspicious skunk in-and-around my bins whom I won't want call Pepe le Pew because I want her to be the girl.


2) no

3) no

6) Problem solving feelings. Weird therapy. Coconut water. 


7) I can try to say 'If I tried to make it again I wouldn't know how,' but no one asks.



8) I'm still trying to figure out what made me write 'If I had a choice I'd wear cherry lipstick.'


9) I don't know if I can rightly say 'I know these lands.'

9.5) Art and activism are the same thing.



10) The space between what I know, have known, and am refusing to know is about to be a line rhyming with 'ebb and flow.'


11) Apples are oranges because I want them to be.


12) 'That's all folks!' (I wish it were true. meh.)

12) 'That's all folks!' (I wish it were true. meh.)



big thank you to curtis for allowing me to post this whimsy on my website.


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