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good morning - on my mind is are oh right - yankees (i like that name for them - fuck political language police - right. so this is my thought - they, the yummerizuntz (fuck you - so it's offensive to you. too bad) so, with the condition in yankeeland (oooh, even better) - right so with the way things are in yankeeland, i am even signing petitions on-line - anything that i know is a bona fide anti-trumpanism/bannonism/fucktardism i will sign. so, since the democrat party are willing to accept my vote in their polls, what the fuck. right now we are on the same side.but. but.......but.............and i urge people, who feel comfortable, to do this. but but but oh my god they are a fucking pushy, fucking aggressive bunbch of white folks (and some other colours including polka dots) they start sending you daily bulletins, any communication with them, they don't just want your vote, they want your i'm thinking - they need to spend their own money - don't they get enough funding from their hot shot donors? why do they want my dollar..............i'm letting me use my chop in their advertising................and now they want my money - EVEN ONE DOLLAR - so. basically they are asking anybody who gets onto their radar, by giving support, they want money? they want me to pay them, in order to support them. why don't they spend their own money - which leads me to trump's off the cuff remark, not followed through - but said openly and brazenly, even as he was accepting donations all over the place, places as far flung as china perhaps? russia, maybe?so they are the same party - and i'm starting to wonder whether i should just go back to disengaging from this system.........and stop voting??????????????again?