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in the greatest nation in the world (ha ha) marino removed his name from the nomination to head of national drug control policy in the dystopian trump white house. 


after media reports exposed how the pennsylvania  republican strongly supported a law that prevented federal efforts to combat opioid abuse marino removed himself.


in true form, trump tweeted his idiotrump blah blah blah


this proves marino has some political savvy, unlike his quasi nazi naked emperor.

and, democrat senator manchin, in true brown-nose politician form, thanks trumpet for removing marino - what planet is this man living on? isn't it bad enough that republicans subscribe to trumpnews? now the dems are doing it? fake news. fake news


marino removed himself from the nomination - trump did not remove him - trump is a moron. a fucking moron. this from a high official who is close to him.


my sources tell me javanka is the next unqualified nobrainer who will be brought out from wherever they are hiding.


apparently jared, having finished bringing peace to the middle east, and ivanka, having successfully seen through the legislative process for programs for working women on the job and in health concerns, will have some free time to take on this labour of lucre they so love. serving the u.s.a. for personal gain. plus benefits.


i simply cannot ignore this crumbling of one of the three largest nations. a once in a lifetime opportunity to see politics as it really is - no holds barred.


the only difference between toadfacetrump and these regular politicians is he rants and raves openly. 


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