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i am tired of reading comments by lunatic fringe groups. especially "whites" on so many media platforms yap-yapping away. so, i'm just going to ignore them.


they love the chaos and hateful emotions they incite. like the great fat white ruler in chief - the trumpy - they live to create confusion and violent feelings and actions. it justifies their existence. 


also, "whites" as a nation? nonexistent, really. our world had and still has a naturally occurring interracial breeding program.


and, the majority of the population on our lovely planet is ---- "not white", and fast becoming "less white".


so, this pathetic group of imbeciles is slowly and surely diminishing into nonexistent.


a dwindling gene pool, the resulting incestuous breeding will create.......what's the word? disturbed? individuals. as they get increasingly feeble we will have to put them into protected residences. and then.....that's it.........gone.


given this likely scenario, why bother acknowledging their feeble rants. they aren't going to hear voices of reason, are incapable of critical thought, so will not change their attitudes.


their insane babbling will continue. and all we need is to keep an eye on them. unmonitored who knows what they will do.


but, responding to their ideas?


we could be having tea and cookies.


shortbread, anyone?


xo, karenza


illustration by dave, on

dec 2014