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what is this mindfuck, liberal, bullshit, politically correct speech mouthed by most commentators and journalists on television news? when reporting about the trump they become these weak, unconvincing babblers of rote speak

what do i mean? well, here are some examples.

- if only he would;

- if he doesn't;

- if he doesn't show;

- he needs to do the right thing;

- he needs to;

- he needs to show;

- why is he not;

- how can he not.

and so on.....................


okay, here's the skinny people p

  • he hasn't;
  • he doesn't;
  • he cannot;
  • he will not;
  • he does not want to.

this trump is 71 years. he doesn't want to change. he is not capable of changing. he will not change. 


not even if hell freezes over.


why this wiffling, waffling ambiguity then? what are they waiting for? what makes them think that he wants to change. is he capable of changing.


trump comes with arrogance, greed, psychopathy wired into him. he is born into a racist, sexist, xenophobic, nazi sympathizing family.


the sooner this namby-pamby attitude of begging this asshole to "do the right thing" ends, the better the citizens will be. with all the experience they have these commentators, and journalists surely realize there is no changing the trajectory upon which trump is launching the u.s.a.


the sooner this feeble, wimpy, intellectualizing, politically correct, mindfuck speak stops, the sooner will the trump regime be removed.


stop fucking around and answer honestly. help get rid of this frigging disastrous wreck.