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as if anybody doesn't know, there are some things lacking in the educational system. worldwide, i'm sure, but this is about canada.


and to narrow it, this is about the use and comprehension of  literary devices, such as metaphor, analogy and all that sort of stuff.


there is also some gap in training of comprehension and critical analysis of information.


with some/many people there exists a literalness in comprehension. abstract concepts get fucked. love, empathy, beauty, blah blah blah. and concepts that deal with science that involves postulating, for example, are not available.


my interest, naturally, is with literary devices, such as metaphor, analogy and so on and so forth.



so here's this little anecdote to illustrate one of my statements. a while ago two self-proclaimed intellectuals, and I are having a conversation about some current event topic, of no importance. and i asked, half joking, which came first, the chicken or the egg.


wow, they got really peeved at this. because in dumb unintellectualness i had obviously spouted gibberish. they both informed me they were 'anthropology buffs' so i could rely upon their expertise on this.


i'm paraphrasing, and not accurately reporting who said what and when, because they repeated each other's points, spoke over eachother, in between asking me how i could even ask such a question. the answer is obvious.


the chicken came before the egg because, whatever laid that egg was not a chicken


i'm dumbfuckeddumb. and retire. what can i say?

this leads me to the literary device portion. the asking of a rhetorical question in order to make a point, or spontaneously combust thought. fairly common, i would say.

my mistake. last week, i employed  this tactic, when speaking to a group. and used this again this week in two comments in HuffPost.

the first time, a man whose eye i caught a few times as i was trolling around the room to make personal connections, stood up. and, to my astonishment said "why are you asking me these questions, you need to ask them to the people who are causing these problems." and "i don't appreciate you questioning me." close enough to verbatim. i said, "oh. okaaaay". and made sure to not look at him again.

the second instance, in huff post, while employing the rhetorical question, i had two people, to two different topics, explain to me that i need to inform myself a bit, that my questions were wrong, and i didn't understand the subject. i said "okayyy. thank you"

which brought me to the condition of education, the warehousing of students, the 'education industry' and the 'communications industry' - disturbing.

i have no descendants so my views are objective. if you have offspring, family, you may want to think about it.