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so, trolling through huffpost, i found a slide show outlining some budget items passed, i believe, by commons and senate - 


1.  e.i. premiums going up.

2.  deficit down

3.  canada savings bonds being 

        phased out.

4. higher taxes on alcohol and 


5. public transit tax credit 


6. $11.2 billion to cities and provinces

        for affordable housing over 

        10 years.

7.  plan to foster high-tech growth in

        advanced manufacuring, agri-

         food, clean technology, digital

         industries, health/bio-sciences,

         and clean resources. 

         (no $ amount given)

8.  crack down on tax evasion. 

          (no details)

9.  $7 billion over 10 years, including

           40,000 new subsidized day-

           care spaces by 2019, extended

           parental leave, expectant

           mothers can claim maternity

           benefits 12 weeks before due


10. $2.7 billion over 6 years for labour

            to modernise training, upgrade

            skills, etc.

11.  $59.8 million over 4 years for

            student loans and grants more

            readily available to part-time


12.  $107.4 million assistance for

             students with dependent 

             children, $287.2 million over

             3 years for pilot project to

             facilitate adult student access

             to loans and grants.

13.  national housing database for 

             provide demographics

14.  $400 million of 3 years through

             business development bank 

             to make more venture capital

             available to canadian


15.  comprehensive spending review

             of some federal departments

             to make them more efficient,

             and review of federal assets,

             audit of existing innovation

             and clean-tech programs.

16.  $225 million over 4 years for 

              new organizatio to support

              skills development and


17.  $395.5 million over 3 years for

               youth employment strategy