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    the surreal tragi-comedy-horror-drama being acted out on the u.s.a. political stage to a worldwide audience has trapped me in it’s sticky coils. oh the joy of mixing metaphors.


    it’s difficult to avoid what is happening for many reasons. i’m like a magpie who sees a glint of shiny and cannot resist going there to find out more.


    just now, johnny deep’s financial trials popped up on my phone. gorgeous j.d. how could anybody resist. until the part where his $2m monthly expenses are revealed. at which point, "why the fuck am i reading this crap?” popped into my mind/brain to lead me out of all the "alleged" - "sources say"- and -"he/she seen ats".


    i am subscribed to 26 news sites online. plus which i often check out breitbart 


    is this slightly excessive? obsessive? compulsive? maybe.  my habit is to jump into something that is interesting.  which leads to wanting to know as much as possible about it.


    and the u.s.a. is right in the spotlight, on the world stage. imploding, the rotten core revealing itself in spectacular yummerican style. 


    it’s not as if politico corruption is sole purview of u.s.a. similar events are happening around the globe.....europe, asia, south america, canada, australia, africa. war, famine, disease, poverty, racism, everywhere. the only differences are in degree. 


    the most ‘powerful’ countries are china, russia, u.s.a. all three with super corrupt government. but the u.s.a. is of particular importance. because the citizens are not as afraid as russians and chinese. and it is all happening in the glare of the media. it’s in the open, and just like a baby, you can’t put it back in. and this can happen anywhere.


    so i want to tune into this horror story, but at the same time want to keep my obsessive interest in control.


    so that i can, eat, exercise, cook, clean, and all that survival stuff. 


    so that i can write about other subjects/objects/events. discipline it is.


    discipline. oh god. not easy. wish me luck, ktw.


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