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 i resist the messages that equate greed with success.


    i resist the suborning of community peace keeping into a militarized police force who have weapons to control a cowed citizenry.


  i resist religion used to subjugate conquered peoples. the indigenous people of north and south america, asia, and australia, enticed  with promises of everlasting life have fallen under this spell.


    i resist the social mores that dictate that any person who is not a heterosexual and/or does not restrict their sexual activities to the missionary position, is immoral and indecent, sinful and depraved.


  i resist the cynicism of a system that decrees that poverty is a character flaw and cannot be eradicated.


    i resist the racism that views anybody who is different from the self is subhuman. this view held by brown, black, yellow, red, white, and polkadot people, is false,is misinformation.


  i resist all the industries that waste untold natural and human resources

to manipulate people of all ages and ethnicities to believe they are only as good as the possessions they own.


i resist the system that creates and encourages, brainwashes and scares, intimidates and seduces, tricks and coerces, in doublespeak and outright lies, sending the message that we, the citizens of this world, are anything other than beautiful creatures on a beautiful planet that is spinning in an increasingly awesome and expandingly beautiful universe.


    i resist, i resist, i resist.


 i refuse to believe their lies, i reject their messages. i refuse their blandishments. i remove myself from their market places of waste and deception.


    i resist, and resist, and resist


    silent or aloud, in unison with my fellow creatures or alone, i resist.


    with every breath i take,

until my dying breath,

i will resist.