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yes, why, why do we write? why me? why you?

why anbody, for that matter. from the first scratches on the walls of caves. from squiggles in the dust. on papyrus leaves to stone monoliths. we make marks. we make meaning out of these marks.


it is an efficient media of communication. detailed communication that requires much space. some subjects can be conveyed by image and text; whatever kind of image. but technology and science require dense amounts of text.


blah blah blah blah


why the fuck do we feel the need to express, relate, consider, argue, expound, dream, fantasize, remember, debate, discuss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,using these marks that form words, that convey meaning.


sometimes i read my writings and think, what the fuck. why am i doing this. who cares. like this. really. how will it matter if i don't say any of this shit. after all it's not like this is some 'original' thought.


which, oddly enough, leads to thinking about copyright. ha ha ha ha. this is what i think of copyright. 


what do you think?



pencil & ink - by karenza