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this was the prompt at the thursday's writing collective event at gallery gachet last night. it is an intentionally provoking image.

i found it disturbing because the girl is really, a child. 10 years? smoking? the dress?


what the fuck


i wrote from my heart and my mind. but when amber dawn said she had me on the list for open mic, i said, i will pass please.


but then, this person come up the words used, the tone of voice i couldn't believe what was being said. this little girl trashed. haranguing her, voice dripping with disgust, preacher style delivery. this person trashed her for smoking. dressing inappropriately for her age.


i do not remember the exact words used. but i checked with three people if my perception of what this person said was what they also experienced. and they validated my thinking.


i changed my mind about reading. why?


a few days ago there was a video on facebook about how to stand up for racism. and one of the methods was to not stand by, mute. this condoned bigotry and assisted in its spread. 


i felt this way about this person's words. i couldn't stand by and say silent. that would mean i agreed. 


this is what i wrote and spoke. 


is this an ad for cigarettes?

grabbing hold of the next generation?

look at the sexy little ten years girl

with her eight-year sister standing

    beside her

arms akimbo, watching their brother

climb a ladder to oblivion.

is this an ad for pedophiles?

look at that sexy little bitch girl

just ripe for the fucking.


why am i posting this? because whether this was a 'real' photo, or a 'posed' photo, this image is distasteful, to say the least. i am standing witness to this exploitation of children.