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thought i would try something new today. instead of making coffee start the work part of my day, tried out the tulsi tea bought a few months ago.

what can i say? with some things i'm slow.


tulsi, holy basil, loved and cherished all over the world, the package says. and this package is from india. organic, and recycled paper package. this is all good. and i won't think of the fact that it cost a lot of energy to bring it here.


the package also says tulsi is the queen of herbs in india and is revered as a sacred herb. grown in every family home or garden. tulsi is repeatedly noted in ancient indian narratives.


well actually the package says scriptures, but i have a resistance to referring to vedas as 'scriptures'. 


the only thing i remember about tulsi is the word itself. hopefully, the homies will enlighten on this.


surely between viveca, arnold, and elliot there should be something.




oh, i did make the tea, and did drink it. but was working on the computer, just went down the hatch with no consciousness. and, unlike dr. hook, i have no reason/excuse.