excerpt from work in progress

"the last anglo-indians left standing.


these are some of my memories from summer in nagpur......


................................summer was holidays, doing nothing, doing everything. some 'holiday homework' - nothing onerous
summer is earthly delights. fruits. mmmm. mangoes, the taste, and smell of the myriad mango varieties.

paisley shaped alphonso mangoes are shaded pink gold flesh. this firm golden fruit grows in my home state of maharashtra.


kesar mangoes; large, green fading to yellow gold on the top knobby end, stacked high in pyramids. neelam mangoes; shaded red skin, plump and oval, almost round. another favourite are sucking mangoes. these are squeezed in the hands, round and round until the pulp is soft, pluck off the top knob and suck up the juice. when no more sucking possible rip the skin apart and seed sucked dry.


sweet, stick juice running down the chin; covering fingers and hands. the toddlers wound up with the juice covering their naked brown bodies. 


the only way to eat mangoes is to slice it up - two cheeks, one long narrow strip along the sides; and the most delicious part, the pulp covering the seed sucked dry.


then the small, hard green mangoes for pickling. chopped, marinated in hot spices under nana's supervisiou. soaked in oil and placed in large earthenware jars with wide mouths. the mouth of each jar is covered by a muslin square tied down with string. there are always two jars for the nex season, and two jars with the pickled mangoes for us to eat.


the pickling mango jars sit in a corner of the stairs going down to the side yard. and are swiveled on their bases every few hours. of course everybody got involved; the children, the grandchildren, cook, and chokra. those jars spun around all day until they were brought in for the night.


nothing like home made mango pickle. nana also made small, green chili pickles in vinegar, and lime pickle. mango is still my favourite.


my friend jd and i were tireless mango jar turners..........


watermelons. huge dark green melons, large enough for babies and toddlers to sit. chopped into slices, ruby red flesh, black seeds. nana would flick out the seeds before handing slices over to the little ones. sweet, sweet.


cantaloupes, huge and pinky grey tan skins. we called them mush melons. nana would chop them into halves, scoop out the pink-gold musky smelling flesh. chop, chop these into bite sized pieces. mix with crushed ice and serve in large stainless steel glasses. we would have this every afternoon after lunch and before rest time.


sugar cane, gunna - brought home from tuesday market in long canes. nathu, the chokra, would strip the outside husk and chop these into six inch bits, split them down the centre and hand these out to chew and gnaw. older children got longer sticks than the little ones.  


one of the daily vendors was the ice phruit man. also known as, the ice golla walla, literally the ice ball man. actually, no real fruit involved. he'd come trundling down the street children erupting from houses and yards. there were hugh sawdust covered blocks of ice from which he broke off chunks. these he would hold in a grubby rag, shaving the ice, using a shaving machine. probably some carpentry tool. he had a variety of bright jewel coloured syrups displayed in clear bottles. these excruciatingly sweet juices cme in red, green, orange and yellow. he squeezed handfuls of shaved ice onto a stick until there was a fairly large lump. onto which he dribbled the syrup of choice. we would stand around him, shoving and elbowing each other, hands out, "me next", "me next". 


this was pure bliss on a hot summer evening..................






















i am tired of reading comments by lunatic fringe groups. especially "whites" on so many media platforms yap-yapping away. so, i'm just going to ignore them.


they love the chaos and hateful emotions they incite. like the great fat white ruler in chief - the trumpy - they live to create confusion and violent feelings and actions. it justifies their existence. 


also, "whites" as a nation? nonexistent, really. our world had and still has a naturally occurring interracial breeding program.


and, the majority of the population on our lovely planet is ---- "not white", and fast becoming "less white".


so, this pathetic group of imbeciles is slowly and surely diminishing into nonexistent.


a dwindling gene pool, the resulting incestuous breeding will create.......what's the word? disturbed? individuals. as they get increasingly feeble we will have to put them into protected residences. and then.....that's it.........gone.


given this likely scenario, why bother acknowledging their feeble rants. they aren't going to hear voices of reason, are incapable of critical thought, so will not change their attitudes.


their insane babbling will continue. and all we need is to keep an eye on them. unmonitored who knows what they will do.


but, responding to their ideas?


we could be having tea and cookies.


shortbread, anyone?


xo, karenza


illustration by dave, on www.idiotwars.com

dec 2014


what is this mindfuck, liberal, bullshit, politically correct speech mouthed by most commentators and journalists on television news? when reporting about the trump they become these weak, unconvincing babblers of rote speak

what do i mean? well, here are some examples.

- if only he would;

- if he doesn't;

- if he doesn't show;

- he needs to do the right thing;

- he needs to;

- he needs to show;

- why is he not;

- how can he not.

and so on.....................


okay, here's the skinny people p

  • he hasn't;
  • he doesn't;
  • he cannot;
  • he will not;
  • he does not want to.

this trump is 71 years. he doesn't want to change. he is not capable of changing. he will not change. 


not even if hell freezes over.


why this wiffling, waffling ambiguity then? what are they waiting for? what makes them think that he wants to change. is he capable of changing.


trump comes with arrogance, greed, psychopathy wired into him. he is born into a racist, sexist, xenophobic, nazi sympathizing family.


the sooner this namby-pamby attitude of begging this asshole to "do the right thing" ends, the better the citizens will be. with all the experience they have these commentators, and journalists surely realize there is no changing the trajectory upon which trump is launching the u.s.a.


the sooner this feeble, wimpy, intellectualizing, politically correct, mindfuck speak stops, the sooner will the trump regime be removed.


stop fucking around and answer honestly. help get rid of this frigging disastrous wreck.










as if anybody doesn't know, there are some things lacking in the educational system. worldwide, i'm sure, but this is about canada.


and to narrow it, this is about the use and comprehension of  literary devices, such as metaphor, analogy and all that sort of stuff.


there is also some gap in training of comprehension and critical analysis of information.


with some/many people there exists a literalness in comprehension. abstract concepts get fucked. love, empathy, beauty, blah blah blah. and concepts that deal with science that involves postulating, for example, are not available.


my interest, naturally, is with literary devices, such as metaphor, analogy and so on and so forth.



so here's this little anecdote to illustrate one of my statements. a while ago two self-proclaimed intellectuals, and I are having a conversation about some current event topic, of no importance. and i asked, half joking, which came first, the chicken or the egg.


wow, they got really peeved at this. because in dumb unintellectualness i had obviously spouted gibberish. they both informed me they were 'anthropology buffs' so i could rely upon their expertise on this.


i'm paraphrasing, and not accurately reporting who said what and when, because they repeated each other's points, spoke over eachother, in between asking me how i could even ask such a question. the answer is obvious.


the chicken came before the egg because, whatever laid that egg was not a chicken


i'm dumbfuckeddumb. and retire. what can i say?

this leads me to the literary device portion. the asking of a rhetorical question in order to make a point, or spontaneously combust thought. fairly common, i would say.

my mistake. last week, i employed  this tactic, when speaking to a group. and used this again this week in two comments in HuffPost.

the first time, a man whose eye i caught a few times as i was trolling around the room to make personal connections, stood up. and, to my astonishment said "why are you asking me these questions, you need to ask them to the people who are causing these problems." and "i don't appreciate you questioning me." close enough to verbatim. i said, "oh. okaaaay". and made sure to not look at him again.

the second instance, in huff post, while employing the rhetorical question, i had two people, to two different topics, explain to me that i need to inform myself a bit, that my questions were wrong, and i didn't understand the subject. i said "okayyy. thank you"

which brought me to the condition of education, the warehousing of students, the 'education industry' and the 'communications industry' - disturbing.

i have no descendants so my views are objective. if you have offspring, family, you may want to think about it.


so, trolling through huffpost, i found a slide show outlining some budget items passed, i believe, by commons and senate - 


1.  e.i. premiums going up.

2.  deficit down

3.  canada savings bonds being 

        phased out.

4. higher taxes on alcohol and 


5. public transit tax credit 


6. $11.2 billion to cities and provinces

        for affordable housing over 

        10 years.

7.  plan to foster high-tech growth in

        advanced manufacuring, agri-

         food, clean technology, digital

         industries, health/bio-sciences,

         and clean resources. 

         (no $ amount given)

8.  crack down on tax evasion. 

          (no details)

9.  $7 billion over 10 years, including

           40,000 new subsidized day-

           care spaces by 2019, extended

           parental leave, expectant

           mothers can claim maternity

           benefits 12 weeks before due


10. $2.7 billion over 6 years for labour

            to modernise training, upgrade

            skills, etc.

11.  $59.8 million over 4 years for

            student loans and grants more

            readily available to part-time


12.  $107.4 million assistance for

             students with dependent 

             children, $287.2 million over

             3 years for pilot project to

             facilitate adult student access

             to loans and grants.

13.  national housing database for 

             provide demographics

14.  $400 million of 3 years through

             business development bank 

             to make more venture capital

             available to canadian


15.  comprehensive spending review

             of some federal departments

             to make them more efficient,

             and review of federal assets,

             audit of existing innovation

             and clean-tech programs.

16.  $225 million over 4 years for 

              new organizatio to support

              skills development and


17.  $395.5 million over 3 years for

               youth employment strategy








writing life


    the surreal tragi-comedy-horror-drama being acted out on the u.s.a. political stage to a worldwide audience has trapped me in it’s sticky coils. oh the joy of mixing metaphors.


    it’s difficult to avoid what is happening for many reasons. i’m like a magpie who sees a glint of shiny and cannot resist going there to find out more.


    just now, johnny deep’s financial trials popped up on my phone. gorgeous j.d. how could anybody resist. until the part where his $2m monthly expenses are revealed. at which point, "why the fuck am i reading this crap?” popped into my mind/brain to lead me out of all the "alleged" - "sources say"- and -"he/she seen ats".


    i am subscribed to 26 news sites online. plus which i often check out breitbart 


    is this slightly excessive? obsessive? compulsive? maybe.  my habit is to jump into something that is interesting.  which leads to wanting to know as much as possible about it.


    and the u.s.a. is right in the spotlight, on the world stage. imploding, the rotten core revealing itself in spectacular yummerican style. 


    it’s not as if politico corruption is sole purview of u.s.a. similar events are happening around the globe.....europe, asia, south america, canada, australia, africa. war, famine, disease, poverty, racism, everywhere. the only differences are in degree. 


    the most ‘powerful’ countries are china, russia, u.s.a. all three with super corrupt government. but the u.s.a. is of particular importance. because the citizens are not as afraid as russians and chinese. and it is all happening in the glare of the media. it’s in the open, and just like a baby, you can’t put it back in. and this can happen anywhere.


    so i want to tune into this horror story, but at the same time want to keep my obsessive interest in control.


    so that i can, eat, exercise, cook, clean, and all that survival stuff. 


    so that i can write about other subjects/objects/events. discipline it is.


    discipline. oh god. not easy. wish me luck, ktw.


the first person to correctly guess what the image is gets a copy of thursday's writing collective newest chapbook,  "how to live" - answer on facebook or this blog.

to vote or not to vote. that is the question.


shakespeare said this. really. i heard him. he was in the alley with his pointed shoes and his hat.


so, this little form came in the mail, urging me to register as a voter. why? to mark a ballot in the may 2017 b.c. province general election.


according to voters, each mark could be of crucial importance as to who will 'govern' and/or 'lead' the province in the time to come. truly. many people said this. i heard them.


they also said that voting 'gave me a say' in what happens in the future. that it was my democratic right AND DUTY to vote. this is true, they said. i heard them.


weighted down with this thought. after all, who am i? to what political acumen can i lay claim? am i an expert in politics or economics? have i ever 'run for office' (what a visual this conjures). and. most important, do i have any 'degrees' in either subject?  actual questions asked by politically correct and aware.


so, here are what some luminaries have said about voting.


if voting could actually change anything, it would be illegal.      noam chomsky.


.........keep in mind that hitler was elected in a full, free, democratic election.     george carlin.


don't vote, it only encourages them.    neil gaiman.


my take is why should i take any action that supports a corrupt system that only works to oppress me.


and, question. we live in a democracy? 

and, comment. look at u.s.a. right now.

and, question. you think it can't happen in canada?


albert einstein: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


hasta la vista baby, but not at the polls